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Wisdom Spotlight - Issue #4 - Dharma Practice During the Pandemic


Wisdom Spotlight

May 7 · Issue #4 · View online

A monthly spotlight on Dharma education and practice resources from Samye Institute.

Dear Friend,
The third point in the Lojong text “The Seven Point Mind Training” is “Transforming Adversity on to the Path”. In study groups on this text, one usually hears groans when we reach this point. Much discussion ensues. But right now, right here, the pandemic presents many kinds of adversity for us to work with- fear of resource shortages, illness, loss of dear ones, blame for leaders, isolation, loneliness. How can we deal with these feelings in a positive fashion? And how can we use the pandemic to strengthen our practice?
First Address the Frightening States of Mind
In March, as the world began to fully recognize the extent of the contagion, Erric Solomon and Phakchok Rinpoche posted some advice about these fearful states of mind that arise in disastrous situations. The three part series was titled “What Can We Do if We Really Start to Freak Out” and presented meditations and exercises from their book “Radically Happy”.
Part 1- Relying on the Love of the Buddhas
Part 2 - Creating Space
Part 3 - Liberation Through Feeling
Then Open Fully to Whatever Arises
Having offered methods to help us stablize our minds, Erric now presents a four part series “Relying on the Four Immeasurable Qualities During a Pandemic”. Although traditional Mahayana texts usually begin with Loving Kindness, Erric begins with Equanimity, as it is often taught that way by disciples of the Nyingma tradition. Without equanimity the practice of the other immeasurables can be hindered by bias and preference. These presentations include detailed meditative reflections to expand our positive states of mind to help ourselves and others during this pandemic.
Relying on the Four Immeasurable Qualities During a Pandemic
Part 1 - Immeasurable Equanimity
Part 2 - Immeasurable Loving-Kindness
Part 3 - Immeasurable Compassion
Part 4 Immeasurable Sympathetic Joy
We hope you find these resources useful. If there is anything you would like us to focus on in future newsletters, please feel free to hit reply and let us know.
With Blessings
Ani Marcia
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Ani Marcia was a resident for 16 years at Rangjung Yeshe Gomde in California engaged in study and center administration. Prior to that she was a student at Green Gulch Zen Center near San Francisco for a decade. She was a midwife and midwife educator prior to her move to Gomde. She now lives in Singapore near her family and is involved at Rangjung Yeshe Oddiyana.
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