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Wisdom Spotlight - Issue #3 - Sang Offering in Turbulent Times


Wisdom Spotlight

April 8 · Issue #3 · View online

A monthly spotlight on Dharma education and practice resources from Samye Institute.

Dear Student,
In these turbulent times of global pandemic we have become even more aware of how interconnected we all are. We also can see directly how small actions can have large consequences and how activities ripple out throughout the universe. At times like this, we may find ourselves shaken and uncertain of how to help others and to make our Buddhist practice meaningful. Fortunately, as Vajrayāna practitioners, we do have methods that can bring great benefit to the world and the suffering beings.
In the recent Dakini Day Digest, Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche recommended that all those who know sang pūjā should include it in their daily practice. Many of us are under travel restrictions or lockdown conditions. We have an amazing opportunity to practice for the benefit of all beings - consciously choosing to spend our time on accumulating merit and purifying the karma of all beings. As Rinpoche advised:
Do sang pūjā if you already know it, and do all of this with the dedication and aspiration for the good health of human beings. Essentially we should accumulate virtue to purify the karma of those who are going through difficulties of environment, health, finance, and happiness that have been created by the collective karma of human beings.
Many of you may already be very familiar with this profound practice from the Tukdrup Barché Künsel cycle. Rinpoche often explains the practice when he travels to teach and encourages us all to practice as often as we can. It is best to offer sang in the mornings, and we can insert this practice after the mantra recitation in any practice we are doing. Please note that you should have a Three Roots Tukdrup Barché Künsel empowerment to practice sang. 
For those of you who need additional information on the practice, we have collected some resources that may help you. We hope that these resources will help you to feel more confident about engaging in this profound and healing practice. 
With Blessings,
The Samye Institute Team

The Concise Sang Offering: Practice Support Program
Samye Institute would like to offer free access to our on-line resource support program on the Concise Cleansing Offering (Sang) practice. In this program you will find explanations of the meaning and key points to keep in mind as you practice. Additionally, video and audio segments guide you through the Concise Cleansing Offering (Sang) practice. We provide audio and video resources to help you learn the correct tunes and observe the timing for making offerings. The program features several different types of ritual performances, including a video of Rinpoche performing sang in a retreat setting with a group. The Lhasey Lotsawa Translation team has also recently updated the practice text PDF, which can be found inside the online program.
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